What is synchronicity? Meaningful coincidence…..

The possibility that maybe, just maybe those things that we previously thought as just coincidence is in fact meaningful, there is some meaning behind it.

That when we see someone we think we know, that when we feel a moment of deja vu, that when we recognise an old friend. That moment you happen to say the exact thing your friend was thinking.

Coincidence? Happenstance? Just random chance?


Maybe not……..

Maybe just maybe, if we open ourselves up to possibility that these experiences are occurring in order to expose us, even possibly deliver us information we need on our journey. Possible answers to a question, clarity on something we are uncertain of?

When we try rationalising everything, we tend to loose out on these intuitive moments. We see someone who looks familiar. Our rational mind will convince us, we don’t and not to bother with it and leave it alone. But what would happen, what would really happen if we actually just followed our gut, walked up to this person and asked if we knew them from somewhere.

Master your Mind - Connect with this Synchronistic Moment

Yes, maybe it would turn out we didn’t know them after all, but who knows what things we may have in common. Who knows, what conversations may occur as a result of this meeting, who knows what information may be passed to you, or from you to them. That may be just what we need to hear right then.

And maybe, it turns out we do know them. We start a conversation, we catch up on times. We find similar points of interest. We end up in a relationship, or really good friends. They provide us with some information on a job that’s available that would be perfect for us. Exactly what we are looking for.

Maybe, just maybe we were supposed to see them and talk to them. Maybe just maybe, they were supposed to tell us all that they did so we could know about exactly what they told us. Maybe, just maybe it wasn’t a coincidence at all. And trusting our instincts instead of discounting it as simple happenstance is what connects us to divine communication. Simplified communication with source, higher self, god. Whatever you want to call it.

That car that pulls out in front of you suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere? Should you get upset with them? Or perhaps it’s a good reminder to be more present, aware of what you are doing in that moment. Thank them for snapping you back into the moment.

So let’s delve a little deeper into this term, who created it? Well interestingly it was a term coined by Carl Jung. For those of you who are not familiar with who he is.

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. His work has been influential not only in psychiatry but also in anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy and religious studies.

In his book - Synchronicity. He tells a story of one of his patients who was struggling with allowing Mr Jung to help her psychologically, due to her rational or intellectual resistance. Jung was struggling to get through to her, and hoped that something rather irrational and unexpected would occur that would perhaps open her mind up to newer possibilities. Allowing him to further assist her, or her to assist herself. So, at the time, she was with him for a session, and describing her dream from the night before of how someone had given her a golden scarab as a gift (in the form of jewellery). He, Jung was sitting in a chair with his back to the window. When he heard a rather insistent tapping on the window, he turned around and noticed something was trying desperately to get into the dark room. This seemed strange, but Jung proceeded to open the window and catch the creature as it flew into the room. When he opened his hand, he was perhaps not surprised, to see a golden green scarab (beetle) which would resemble the jewellery version from the patients dream. He then handed the beetle to his patient with the words - Here is your scarab. This experience punctured a hole through her intellectual and rational resistance. Opening her up to the possibility of irrational and unexplainable things. And as Jung stated in his book - The treatment could now be continued and with satisfactory results.

I myself have had some synchronistic moments and to mention one, was interestingly the day I was writing my blog about this exact concept - The concept of synchronicity. I had delved into the ideas behind it, touched on exactly what I have touched on here in this vlog, which included talking about how Jung coined the term, and the story I just mentioned to you about him and his patient. But I still felt that something was missing, that I needed to add to round off the blog post. While contemplating what that could be, I realised that my laptop was quickly running out of battery. Knowing that I still needed to finish the blog, I decided to ride home, which was fortunately at the time, only a few hundred metres away from where I was working. So I decided to take the break, refresh my mind and use the trip of getting the laptop charger as a break from the writing. Well, believe it or not when I arrived at the front door to my home. You won’t believe what I saw on the floor directly below me, right in front of my feet. Yes, a golden green scarab. A picture of which you should see below, and mind you, I had never seen one in the area before and never saw one after the event either.

Needless to say, the picture you see or saw of the beetle I found was exactly the perfect ending to my blog. So what do you think? Coincidence or synchronicity?

In order for you to truly know, to truly self realise. Well you need to open yourself up to synchronistic moments, and when you experience that feeling, that tug, that, wait a minute. Trust your intuition, go with it. As crazy as it may feel, or seem at the time. Imagine what amazing things, what amazing information you may receive.

Ask a question, meditate on it, pray on it. Then when you are ready to begin your day, be mindful and aware in every moment. Because in doing so, you open yourself up to the here and the now, the only time that everything happens. Even the strange, irrational hints or nudges giving you a glimpse into the potential answer to that question. Trust yourself, trust that the answers you seek are out there as much as they are in you. And please let me know about the undoubtedly magical experiences I have no doubt many of you will now have.

I am Yuri Nunes, Certified Mindfulness and Life Coach, Qualified Sport Scientist educating and coaching those who desire to explore and develop the new, peaceful and more balanced version of themselves.

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