I'm going to be exploring something interesting, something that I have been using and exploring for the last 5 Years

What is Pandora Star?

Pandora star…… What is Pandora? It's a powerful flexible and easy to use deep trance or light meditation machine. Now I have no doubt, that you think that sounds interesting. Well of course it does. A machine that helps one to meditate, a machine that can put me in a trance.

So what is Pandora Star more specifically - It is a powerful light entrainment device that uses flickering light to guide the brain to experience or shift into various states of brainwave states. Being in these various states of brainwave activity can be used for numerous empowering purposes.

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How does it Work?

Technically speaking - The machine uses a unique inverted triangle array of LED lights that interlock to create a series of hexagrams, the Pandora Star stimulates various regions of the brain by focusing rays of light on the retina through closed eyes. The user can experience a visible frequency of entrainment and kaleidoscopic patterns or colours, and in some cases psychedelic imagery which all provides an immersive environment for deep level brainwave entrainment.

Pandora star, is in essence flashing and flickering lights at one’s eyes. Obviously, your eyes are closed but even though your eyes are closed, the light is so powerful and you will still experience the results powerful light frequencies, in some cases via beautiful geometric images and shapes.

Through sequencing and control of flickering light, PandoraStar makes it possible to access any frequency state from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz. The highly programmable software included allows you to create limitless sessions for all your personal or professional practices.

In essence the flickering light is helping to shift your brainwaves to coincide with the flickering or

in this case the frequency of the light that's being flashed on the retina. So your brain slowly shifts into that brainwave state.

The below image, provides you with a clearer idea of the various brainwaves frequencies and the associated brainwave states one can experience.

So what?

Your next question may be…..So what? Well, science has proven that certain states of consciousness and awareness are associated with particular brainwave states. For example, the brain wave state of epsilon is associated with very deep meditation, astral projection, out-of-body exploration, lucid dreaming.

The brainwave state of

  • Theta is associated with inner peace, REM like sleep, deep meditation and healing.
  • Beta is associated with concentration, arousal, alertness, motivation and problem-solving

Now, if these various states of brainwave activity are associated with these various states of consciousness, the machine is capable of helping to entrain the brain into these states, where you can explore the various benefits of being in these states.

The more time you spend in this state, then the easier it becomes for the brain to create neural

pathways connections, that allow you to return to this state that much quicker. Next time you want to achieve a similar state of consciousness, it'll be easier because the pathway is right there. Meaning, that the various meditation or consciousness exploration practices some people practice, can be supported via this type of technology. From Lucid Dreaming, to Deep Meditation. Or simple for those who wish to support their own healing, they can use the machine to assist with reduction in addictions or insomnia.

Allow me to make this clearer.

Allow me to provide you a visual examples, demonstrating how neural pathways are created and why.

1 - Imagine you have decided to create a trail through a forest. If you were to traverse though the forest using this as of yet not existent path, it would prove to be difficult for you to get to the other side of the forest. This would be due to the countless branches and foliage across and in your way, you in essence would be creating this path yourself for the 1st time. The possibility of getting lost would also be high, as you hack your way through the forest creating a trail. The more you were to walk this path, back and forth, the clearer this path would become and the easier it would become to walk it. This analogy, is similar to how neural networks are created in the brain, the more often you perform an action or skill, the easier and quicker it becomes to perform it because you brain has created a “path” a neural network which allows you to recreate this action, so much faster. In a similar way, when you use the Pandora Star, to shift your consciousness into a new brainwave state, your consistent use of the machine, would allow you to develop the neural pathways, that would ensues you can slip into these states with greater ease.

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How is this beneficial / helpful?

One might ask, why is this beneficial?

Well, lets say for example one has been practicing and actively working towards achieving a deep state of meditation, or present awareness. Something that can take Buddhist monks countless years to master.By using the Pandora Star to shift you into the necessary brainwave state associated with deep meditation, and maintaining your conscious awareness you develop the necessary “neural pathways” that allow you to achieve this state, eventually, at will. The time needed to develop this ability is somewhat reduced to the short cut the machine provides.

Equally so, perhaps someone has developed a negative pattern of behaviour (addictive behaviour) that they wish to reverse, engaging in the use of the machine and the new behaviour can help to create the new neural pathways needed to make this process somewhat easier.

There are 2 tools I am aware of that one can use to shift one’s brain waves into various states of awareness. Those would be auditory brainwave entrainment and lightwave entrainment. You may have even used an auditory brainwave entrainment device in your past. Those CD’s or audio tracks, that one uses when wanting to focus during studies, have a similar effect, they shift your brainwaves (using audio frequencies) into that state of Beta, the brainwave state associated with focus and concentration. Equally so, there are those auditory tracks one uses if they wish to fall asleep, the same things occurs here, perhaps for those struggling with insomnia, where certain auditory frequencies are played into either ear, that allow ones brainwaves to shift into Theta, the state associated with REM sleep.

From my own, personal experience, having explored both tools. I find the light entrainment to be so much more effective. And having used the light for the past couple of years, my meditation and self awareness has certainly improved drastically. Can I confirm without a shadow of a doubt that the cause is the Pandora Star? Of course not, but I have no doubt that it has certainly assisted in me improving in my overall abilities.

Does the machine support the release of DMT?

There is some Anecdotal evidence, and up and coming researchers are finding more and more evidence that leans towards the idea that light entrainment can assist in activating the pineal gland, and allow the release of DMT. DMT (Dimethyl tryptamine) is generated by the pineal gland and is a psychedelic compound that is structurally similar to melatonin. It is naturally generated during the process of birth and death. There are many accounts of near-death experiences (NDE) recounting one’s full life flashing by in an instance and a tunnel of light appearing. This is due to the psychedelic effects of DMT that can produce intense visuals, euphoria and hallucinations. This may be the reason why some people, when using the machine, describe events and experiences that can only be described as “outside of the normal”, or psychedelic. Besides the geometric imagery that one tends to see with some of the programs, most individuals having used the machine at one point or another describe fascinating and out of the ordinary experiences.

There is so much to explore on this topic, and I may delve deeper into it in a future blog post. But for now, I hope that this is sufficient enough to peek your interest in exploring the possibility if light wave entrainment.

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