I’d like to express an Analogy that I recently came up with, that I believe best expresses the flow of life as we generally live it and that flow that is truly fluid, that is allowing not resisting.

I call it The River - If you watch a river, you’ll notice there are rocks sticking out, hard spots in the river of life. As we begin our journey through this river of life, we my encounter moments where we strike a rock, and it causes us pain. It doesn’t feel nice, it hurts and this experience causes us to fear the rocks. As we continue on down the river of life, we begin to live our lives in fear of the upcoming rocks. Instead of simply flowing and allowing ourselves to flow with the river we begin to fight, we begin to focus on the future rocks up ahead, and invariably are so focused on the fear of the pain of it, that this is all we seem to focus on. Some may try swimming against the current, to avoid the rocks up ahead, in spite of the large space all around the rock. With the pain caused by the previous rock that caused us pain, we do everything we can to avoid it, for fear we may end up hitting another rock, which invariably reinforces our belief that this rock is bad.

Sometimes, when we have hit a rock (being so overly focused on it, and how bad it is) we hold onto the rock, upset about how much it hurt, afraid of what will happen if we let go, perhaps we would hit another rock. So, we hold onto the pain of the experience, stay on the rock, we are angry with how much pain it caused us, it hurts holding on with the power of life flowing over us (in the form of the rivers water), while we simply need to let go of the rock in order to continue flowing down the river of life. But invariably, when we are flowing down the river we see another rock up ahead, and the pain of the last encounter means we overly focus on the pain we felt before, and now our fear of experiencing that same pain again overwhelms us, and it appears as if we repeat the same experiences over and over again.

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It seems that we tend to live life, in the river of life, more focused on the pain caused us from past painful or traumatic experiences, this fear holds us back from flowing forward, from moving forward. We live in constant fear of any upcoming rocks that could cause us pain again.

I believe the secret is to flow with life, allow the river to take you and guide you through the rapids, to flow around obstacles by surrendering to the flow of the river, not to resist to what is, but accept it and continue flowing, to the flow of life.This can only be done when in the moment, when in this moment of mindful now.

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