Welcome to the course designed to bring you some more clarity or wisdom in the search for greater joy in your life.

Most in life tend to place their happiness on the attainment of future goals, and the idea is that once we have attained that afore mentioned goal, we can finally be happy. While this may feel true in that moment, this also means that our happiness always lies in the future. In the future when we accomplish that things, get the thing we want, find the person we've been dreaming of.

Essentially meaning - We are not happy now. For it lies, always just outside our grasp in the future. Causing us to spend most of our waking hours living in the future.

There is also no guarantee that we're going to get these things we want or desire, and are spending large amounts of time and energy working for. Not to say we shouldn't try, not to say we shouldn't work for the future of our dreams and desires. Of course, this drives us and ensures we can progress as individuals and a society, but to acknowledge that sometimes we don't always succeed. Sometimes those grand dreams we dream, don't always comes true, and we may need to acknowledge that where we are now, is still good enough.

A good question to ask may be - Are ALL people, who accomplish their GRAND dreams of success and riches, are they ALL Happy? Does happiness depend on me reaching and accomplishing ALL of my dreams? Does happiness depend on me being super rich and successful?

I am happy to say - No, because true happiness is essentially a state of mind.

From people who have all the riches in the world, to those who have virtually nothing. There are countless examples of people who fall within these 2 categories and both live a happy and care free existence. Equally so - There are individuals who live within same categories, some rich and others poor yet they are both unbelievably unhappy. The one or the other, doesn't automatically determine ones happiness.

This online course is a guide to better understanding, and applying strategies and ideas in your life that can help to support you to find greater joy in your life. Regardless of your social standing, financial situation or career path your joy, ultimately depends on you.

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